Writtle Your Village - Your Future

I write as the Chair of the Writtle Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group which has now been formally constituted by the Parish Council to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the whole of the Writtle Parish. This enables the local community to present their ideas and desires for the future development of the area in all aspects and from all points of view. When complete it becomes a formal planning document which has to be taken into account by the City Council when forming policies and deciding planning applications. However it is important to say that it cannot, in itself, prevent future development.

This is a very exciting prospect and your Steering Group is in process of putting together a project plan to ensure that your views can be collected to decide what is most important to everybody in the village. Thereafter the Neighbourhood Plan can be drafted and presented to you for approval before it goes through its formal stages of adoption by the City Council.

To this end you will start to see regular updates on our progress, including on local websites and social media. Steering Group Meetings are held monthly which are open to members of the Public, and we hope to hold a major community event and workshop in the village in mid April.

We are still looking for people willing to help with this major project, either by joining our Steering Group directly if they have the time or by contributing through their own special skills or interests. If so, please do not hesitate to contact me on either 01245 420420 or by email to jonwey09@gmail.com

Jonathan Weymouth



Summary Report on the 2018 Neighbourhood Plan Survey 


Group members 

  • Jonathan Weymouth - Chair
  • Lynne Hartley - Secretary
  • Jackie Thomson- Finance
  • Sue Bell
  • Lois Bowser
  • Phil Claydon
  • Louise Gannicott
  • James Holtom
  • Gordon Ingram
  • Sophie Jackson