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Garden Communities

Issues and Options Consultations

The Issues and Options consultation on the three proposed garden communities runs until 22nd January 2018 (this has been extended from the original closing date of 8th January). Braintree District Council website is hosting all three online consultations – select which document you wish to respond to:  http://braintree-consult.objective.co.uk/portal/negc 

If you prefer to complete a form rather than use the online portal, send by email or post to either of the following addresses:

Braintree District Council  Causeway House Braintree CM7 9HB

Colchester Borough Council  Rowan House, 33 Sheepen Rd, Colchester CO3 3WG   






Saturday 18th   November


Marks Tey

Marks Tey Parish Hall

Old London Road, Marks Tey


Colchester / Braintree Border

Monday 20th   November



William Loveless Hall

85-87 High Street, Wivenhoe


Tendring / Colchester   Border (TCB)

Tuesday 21st   November


Great Tey

Great Tey Village   Hall

Chappel Road, Great   Tey


Colchester / Braintree Border

Thursday   23rd November

C360   Community Marketplace AGM for North East Essex


Colchester   Town Centre


Friday 24th   November


Colchester Town

Colchester Market

High Street,   Colchester


Colchester / Braintree Border   &   TCB

Saturday   25th November


Great   Saling

The   Saling Millennium Village Hall

Piccotts   Lane, Great Saling

CM7   5DW

West   of Braintree

Monday   27th November



Old   Friend’s Meeting House


West   of Braintree

Thursday 30th   November



Coggeshall Village   Hall

The Keys Room

Stoneham Street,   Coggeshall


Colchester / Braintree Border

Saturday   2nd December



Greenstead   Community Centre

Hawthorn   Avenue, Colchester

CO4   3QE

Tendring   / Colchester Border

Tuesday 5th   December



Feering Community   Centre

Coggeshall   Rd, Feering


Colchester / Braintree Border

Wednesday   6th December



Braintree   Town Hall

Market   Square, Braintree

CM7   3YG

West   of Braintree & Colchester   / Braintree Border

Thursday 7th   December



Easthorpe Church Hall

Easthorpe Road,   Colchester


Colchester / Braintree Border

Tuesday   12th December



Rayne   Village Hall

3   Gore Road, Rayne

CM77   6TX

West   of Braintree

Thursday   14th December



Market   Field School

School Rd, Elmstead Market


Tendring   / Colchester Border


Finalised 2016-17 Annual Return and closure letter.

Bradwell with Pattiswick Parish Council - Annual Audit 2016-17

The dates set for the period of exercise of public rights have been fulfilled with no requests for inspection received.

To view a copy of the Annual Audit, click this link



 Temporary Traffic Regulation Order of Various Roads District of Braintree V11.0

 Please find attached details of the intended closures of Various Roads, Braintree. This order will come into force on 27/07/2017 for works to be undertaken within an 18 Month period, exact dates will be specified on Http://Roadworks.org/. The closure is required for the safety of the public and workforce while Essex County Council undertakes carriageway and footway preparation, reconstruction and resurfacing works.

See this document for full details and how Bradwell and Pattiswick will be affected.

Contacting Essex Highways


From: Robbie Watson-Levey, Customer and Member Enquiries Manager,  Corporate and Customer Services, Essex County Council

As you may be aware the Highway.enquiries@essex.gov.uk email address is closing from 19 April 2017 following the introduction of the improved Highways ‘Tell Us’ and ‘Check a Query’ web tools.

Although, we will no longer be offering a dedicated email address for Highway Enquiries, you can continue to contact us online in one of the following ways:

  • To report a new highway issue to us you should complete our online form to tell us  

(Please do not use other websites to report highway issues to us as these are not recorded into our system). 

If you currently use or sign post enquiries to highway.enquiries@essex.gov.uk  please can I ask you to redirect these to one of the above options. Anything sent after the 19 April 2017 will not be received or responded to.

 Robbie Watson-Levey

 Operation Galileo - Hare Coursing

Essex Police have joined other police forces in Operation Galileo. This is an operation to tackle Hare Coursing across the county. In order for this to succeed Essex Police need to know about every Hare Coursing incident, even if it has finished. Only if you tell them about these coursing incidents can they try to tackle this problem. Call 101 if you witness anything.

Follow updates for operation Galileo and other Rural crime operations on Twitter @PcAndyLong or @EssexPoliceUK


The Essex County Council (Various Roads, Braintree)(Temporary Prohibition of Traffic & Clearway) (No.3) Order 2017

Notice is hereby given that the Essex County Council has made the above Order under section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

 Effect of the order:

  1. To temporarily close the various lengths      of road in the District of Braintree as specified:



Alternative route

A1124 Colchester Road, Halstead

From its junction with   Mallows Field to its junction with Brook Farm Close – a distance of   approximately 924 metres south east.

A1124 Colchester Road, A131   Head Street/High Street/Bridge Street/Trinity Street/Mount Hill/Braintree   Road/Bournebridge Hill/Pennypot Corner/Halstead Road/High Garrett/Braintree   Bypass, A120 Coggeshall Road/Stock Street/Coggeshall Bypass, B1024 Colne   Road/Coggeshall Road, A1124 Church Hill/High Street/Halstead Road/Stonebridge   Hill/Parley Beams/Colchester Road and vice versa.

Fenn Road/Colne Road, Halstead

From Colne Road’s junction   with Coggeshall Way to Fenn Road’s junction with A1124 Colchester Road for a   distance of approximately 426 metres.

A1124 Colchester Road, A131   Head Street, Colne Road and vice versa.

Colne Road, Halstead

From Colne Road’s junction   with A131 Head Street to its junction with Coggeshall Way for a distance of   approximately 555 metres.

Fenn Road, A1124 Colchester   Road, A131 Head Street and vice versa.

Braintree Road/Brook Street/Crown Street.   Gt Bardfield

From Crown Street’s junction   with B1057 Vine Street to a point approximately 1826 metres south.

B1057 Vine Street/High   Street/Dunmow Road/Oxen End/Dunmow Road, Pulford Place, The Downs, High   Street, Watch House Road, Warehouse Road, Stebbing Road, Stebbing Green,   B1256 Dunmow Road, Blake End, The Street, Bardfield Road, Braintree Road and   vice versa.

B1057 Dunmow Road/High Street/Vine   Street, Gt Bardfield

From the junction with B1057   Bridge Street to its junction with Fanns Farm Road – a distance of   approximately 2066 metres.

B1057 Bridge Street/Bridge   End/Finchingfield Road/Bardfield Road, Green Road, B1053 Brent Hall   Road/Sampford Road/Hawkins Hill/Finchingfield Road, B1051 Hill Road/Thaxted   Road/Great Samford Road, B184 WaldenRoad/Newbiggins Street/Walting   Street/Town Street/Mill End/Dunmow Road/Beaumont Hill, B1057 Lime Tree   Hill/Church Street/Church End/The Broadway/Dunmow Road/Oxen End and vice   versa.

B1057 Bridge Street/Finchingfield   Road/Bridge End, Great Bardfield

From its junction with Crown   Street for a distance of approximately 766 metres north.

B1057 Vine Street/High   Street, Bell lane, Little Sampford Road, Hawkspur Green Road, Hall Road,   B1053 Finchingfield Road/Hawkins Hill/Sampford Road/Bren Hall Road, Green   Road, B1057 Bardfield Road/Finchingfield Road and vice versa.



Hedingham Road/Wethersfield Road/Almshouse   Green. Wethersfield/Sible Hedingham

From its junction with   Prayors Hill to its junction with Blackmore End for a distance of   approximately 5825 metres.

Prayors Hill, Rectory Road,   A1017 Swan Street/Potter Street/Queen Street/Braintree Road/The Street/Braintree   Road/Gosfield Road, A131 High Garrett, B1053 Broad Road/Church Lane/Deanery   Hill/Panfield Road/Braintree Road/The Street/Wethersfield Road/Braintree   Road, High Street, Hudsons Hill, Hedingham Road and vice versa.

Shalford Green/Hyde Lane/Victoria Hill/Church   End, Shalford/Great Saling

From its junction with   Bardfield Road to its junction with B1053 Braintree Road for a distance of   approximately 3561 metres.

B1053 Braintree Road/Panfield   Road/Deanery Hill/Church Lane, Bradford Street, Bocking End, B1256 Rayne   Road/The Street/Dunmow Road, Blake End, The Street, Bardfield Road and vice   versa.

Morris Green Road/Bar Hall   Road/Toppesfield Road/Carters Hill, Sible Hedingham/Toppesfield

From its junction with   Wethersfield Road to its junction with Gainsford End Road for a distance of   approximately 4397 metres.

Gainsford End Road, Great   Yeldham Road, Toppesfield Road, A1017 High Street/Poole Street/Hedingham   Road/Yeldham Road/Crouch Green/Yeldham Road/Swan Street, Rectory Road,   Prayors Hill, Wethersfield Road, Almshouse Green, Wethersfield Road and vice   versa.

Piccotts Lane, Great Saling/Rayne

From its junction with The   Street to its junction with Mounts Farm Road for a distance of approximately   1288 metres.

The Street, Bardfield Road,   Hyde Lane, Mounts Farm Road and vice versa.

Mounts Farm Road/Shalfords Road, Great   Saling/Rayne

From   its junction with Hyde Lane to its junction with Pods Lane for a distance of   approximately 3742 metres.

Hyde Lane, Bradfield Road,   The Street, Blake End, B1256 Dunmow Road/The Street, Shalford Road and vice   versa.

A1017 Potter Street/Swan Street, Sible   Hedingham

From its junction with Swan   Chase to a point approximately 753 metres south.


A107 Swan Street/Yeldham   Road/Crouch Green/Yeldham Road/Hedingham Road/Poole Street/High Street/Crouch   Road/Ridgewell Road/Mill Road/Chapel Road/The Causeway/Ridgewell Road, A1092   Chapel Street/Stoke Road/Cavendish Road/Stour Street/Poole Street/Lower   Street/Melford Road/Lower Road/Westgate Street/High Street, A134, A131   Melford Road/Ballingdon Hill/Sudbury Road, A1124 Hedingham Road/Halstead   Road, A1017 Queen Street and vice versa.

Chippingdell, Witham

From its junction with Church   Street to the end of the carriageway for a distance of approximately 365   metres.

No diversion route

White Horse Lane, Witham

From its junction with   Chipping Hill to the end of the carriageway for a distance of approximately   134 metres.

No diversion route

Speedwell Close, Witham

From its junction with   Rosebay Close to the end of the carriageway for a distance of approximately   119 metres.

No diversion route

Foxglove Close, Witham

From its junction with   Rosebay Close to the end of the carriageway for a distance of approximately   127 metres.

No diversion route

Rosebay Close, Witham

From its junction with   Calamint Road to the end of the carriageway for a distance of approximately   296 metres.

No diversion route

A temporary ‘No Stopping’ restriction will be introduced on both sides of carriageway on the above lengths of roads for the duration of the closure to facilitate the works.  Signs will be installed indicating when the No Stopping restriction will be in force.

The Essex County Council (Braintree District) (permitted parking area and special parking area) (Consolidation) Order 2008 will be temporarily amended to include the temporary ‘No Stopping at Any Time’ restriction and suspend any existing parking and waiting restrictions on the above lengths of roads only. All other restrictions and exemptions contained in the aforementioned Order and Amendments to that Order shall remain in force

The works being undertaken will take place within an 18 month period from 20th February 2017, exact dates will be specified on http://roadworks.org/. The roads will be closed to facilitate each phase and then re-opened to the public. Access will be maintained for pedestrians and emergency services. Diversion routes will be signed at each location and residents will be informed of the dates of each phase via letter / leaflet drop and advanced warning signs on the road. 

Phase one - Pre-surface patching works. These works comprise filling any surface defects as well as removal of cat’s eyes if present.

Phase Two - Micro Surfacing. The process entails spraying the road with bitumen, stone and cement bituminous slurry. The material is left to set as a regulating layer and the process repeated for the final surface layer. After this the road is then rolled, which along with the action of the traffic settles the surface. The road will be swept within 48 hours and after 7 days. This surface will seal the old road, thus preventing the ingress of water which causes deterioration of the road surface and will improve skid resistance.

 Phase Three

a)   Reinstatement of white lines if required. Reinstatement of any road markings.

b)   Reinstatement of any road studs and raising of ironwork.

For all enquiries please contact our Contact Centre on 0345 603 7631

The Order will come into effect on 17th April 2017 and may continue in force for 18 months or until the works have been completed, whichever is the earlier.

Dated: 13th April 2017

County Hall

Liz Burr


Head of Network   Management







Bradwell with Pattiswick Parish Council has been successful in being awarded a grant under the Tesco “Bags of Help” Scheme. The sum of £8,000 has been guaranteed towards the provision of adult gym equipment on the playing field and there is an opportunity to increase this to either £10,000 or £12,000. The young people of the parish have been consulted and overwhelmingly support the provision of an outdoor Table Tennis Table and a Synchrospinner and Sport Disc with the additional money.

To secure this additional £2,000 or £4,000, the Parish Council needs the votes of as many members of the public in Braintree as we can get. We are up against competition from Dunmow and Ongar. Anyone shopping at the Marks Farm Tesco, the Great Notley Tesco or the Town Centre Tesco between 31st October and 13th November can vote.

Please vote for the Bradwell with Pattiswick Parish Playing Field Project – only with your votes can the Parish Council complete these two exciting projects.

The young people and the Parish Council of Bradwell with Pattiswick thank you for your support.



 As part of the crackdown in Essex of dumping of illegal Waste, Essex
County Council have released their plan on improving recycling centres
in Essex from 31st October 2016.  Details can be found by following the link.

crackdown on illegal waste at recycling centres

 If you witness or have any information about anyone ”flytipping” or dumping waste illegally in Essex then please please report it. A list of  contacts can be obtained by clicking on the respective links.

Local Authority

Essex Police

Environmental Agency

 Or you can report anonymously at Crimestopperson 0800 555 111 


  • Active Citizen Recruitment - Essex Police  Click here to find out more
  • New power cut phone line - 105
    You may have seen today’s launch of the new national power cut phone line – 105 – to help people contact the company that looks after their electricity network. This would be UK Power Networks for London, the East and South East of England.  See the attached presentation for more information.

    The number will enable people to report or get information about power cuts as well as report damage to electricity power lines and substations. 105 is funded and delivered by the electricity network operators, and more information on the website: http://www.powercut105.com/          

  • If you have a power cut, call 105  

  • You can find more information on the Energy Networks Association’s website: http://www.energynetworks.org/info/powercut105.html

  •  UK Power Networks runs a Priority Services Register for thioe who may be more vulnerable in a power cut e.g. older people, those dependent on medical equipment, parents of young children etc. To join, call 0800 169 9970, email psr@ukpowernetworks.co.uk or apply online at www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/priority
  • OUTBUILDING, SHED & BARN SECURITY - At rural locations, farming, heritage venues and residential properties there are thefts being committed where tools, pressure washers and other property are being stolen from barns, sheds, garages and outbuildings. The attached document gives some crime prevention advice to help protect these buildings. County wide circulation following incidents in the rural Maldon district. Article from Stephen Armson-Smith Tel: 101 - ext 407110.

  • Bradwell juxta Coggeshall is placed 4th in the top villages in Essex. Read more about it here.





Contact Information

Mill Cottage
Church Road
Bradwell, Braintree
CM77 8EP