Please be aware that the mobile library will be visiting Panfield once every three weeks on a Saturday in Meadow Close; it will no longer be stopping in Queens Gardens. The new timetable comes into force from 3 April 2018 with the first visit for Panfield on Saturday 7 April 2018.

You can see the new timetable for Panfield here.

For more details about why these changes are being made, please visit the Essex County Council website.

Please note that the current timetable remains in force until April 2018.


18:51, Friday by Cecilia Ockelford

The way that libraries are being used is changing and libraries need to change too in order to stay relevant in the community.

Essex Libraries is holding a series of events around Essex to engage with the public to share ideas on the needs of the Essex community, the role libraries can play and how local people can make it happen.

Come along to an event at Braintree Library on Tuesday 27 March 2018 from 7pm to 9pm. To book a place please visit the Essex County Council website.


15:47, 19 Mar 2018 by Cecilia Ockelford

Great news! The defibrillator has now been installed at the Bell Inn near the recycling area and is ready for use. It will be registered with the ambulance service soon so that they will be able to direct people to it if needed.

Panfield Community Association (PCA) will be running more first aid/CPR training sessions in the future so if you are interested, please text 07564 932971 and the PCA will contact you once the dates have been arranged.

13:11, 11 Feb 2018 by Cecilia Ockelford


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