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The RAFCC and it's objectives:

The committee exists as a forum for people and organisations with an interest in the Roach marine environment. It aims to promote agreed Fairways and Conservation policies, and it provides representation to authorities in order to promote these policies.

Aims and terms of reference (1973):

1. The area over which the Committee shall assume responsibility will include: River Roach, from its line drawn from Branklet Spit to Foulness Island, extending all tidal waters south of this line within the area of the River Roach and it's associated creeks.

2. Those groups that are represented should include persons or groups of persons who have an interest in the river

3 The number of representatives from the various constituent groups should comprise 15 members with powers to co-opt on to the Committee any person or persons who may be directly affected by the work of the Fairways Committee at that time.

4 The terms of reference:

- Navigation.
- Regulations - speed Limits, moorings, anchorage, lighting affecting all river users.
- Access to Facilities that may be available.

5. Selection of its nominee to serve on the Crouch Harbour Authority Advisory Committee, selection made by the other representative of the Constituents groups who are represented on the Fairways Committee. This representative should receive directions by regular committee meetings.

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