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The Planning Committee have strongly objected to the following Planning Application:

 Application No: 15/01873/OUT

 Outline planning application for the demolition of existing buildings (10 & 12 Plantation Road) and residential development of up to 160 residential dwellings, open space, associated infrastructure including means of access at Land East of Plantation Road Boreham

 Members made the following observations:

 The Parish Council OBJECTS to this Planning Application for the following reasons:

 1)      The development is outside the Defined Settlement Boundary of the Village.

 2)      Chelmsford has a sound plan for housing supply through to 2021 which has been fully consulted upon and is being delivered.

 3)      Boreham does not need nor can it accommodate another 160 houses. 3,500 dwellings are to be built within 2 miles of the site.

 4)      Infrastructure of doctors and schooling is already at capacity, and there is no room for expansion. School children from 4 to 11 years old will have to be bussed out of the village for their education.

 5)      Hazardous access to the development from Plantation Road is at one of its narrowest points and its proximity to Church Road, a protected lane.

 6)      Plantation Road is a bus route and already gets congested at its narrowest point.

 7)      Local road capacity and including Boreham Interchange is inadequate, particularly taking into consideration the new houses being built at Beaulieu Park.

 8)      Contrary to the Boreham Village Design Statement which was adopted by Chelmsford City Council as planning guidance.

 9)      The countryside should be protected: the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside would be adversely impacted.

 10)   Valuable public views and sense of place would be lost. As recognised in the Village Design Statement, the views from footpaths contribute to the sense of place and intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside, and the setting of listed buildings.

 11)   Agricultural land should be protected for future generations.



The Opening Ceremony for the new Recreation Ground Path and the reconditioned and relocated Village Sign, took place on Sunday 15th November at 3:30pm.

In addition to parishioners who braved the wind and cold, there were representatives from Boreham Parish Council
past and present, County Councillor John Spence and Peter McMillian who was involved with the erection of the original village sign.

Boreham Parish Council Chairman John Galley welcomed all the guests,  followed by a short speech by the Chair of the Greens Committee, Councillor Suzanne Harris, who then cut the ribbon to officially open the new path

During refreshments held in the village Hall, Peter McMillian gave an informative speech regarding the construction of the original village sign, being made from an Oak Tree that fell in the storms of 1987.

Thanks go to Ivor Hay for his work in reconditioning the sign to bring it back to its former glory.




Boreham Parish Council have strongly objected to the following planning application:

Ref: 15/0179/OUT relating to the development of up to 163 homes and creation of new publicly accessible open spaces (all matters reserved) at Land South east of The Lion Inn, Main Road,Boreham

1) The development  site is outside of the defined settlement boundary for Boreham and therefore should be rejected.

2) Policy DC2 requires that the countryside should be protected for its own sake

3) Designated Grade 1 Farmland

4) Contrary to and outside of allocations made in Chelmsford City Council Core strategy.

5) Outside of various site allocation document for Boreham sufficient to meet local needs in Boreham

6) The Boreham Village Design Statement adopted in 2008 does not support development.

7) There is no planned infrastructure development for a) School b) doctor/surgery/health facilities c) shops, all of which are at full capacity.  The alternative is S106/CIL monies byt there is no land to build these extra facilities for the proposed enlarged village.

8) Access and Egress to this development is far too close to Church Road junction and will be one of four entry points to different areas within a 40 yard stretch which is extremely dangerous. This is an extremely busy junction and a further entry point will be extremely hazadous. 

9) There has been a spate of traffic accidents in the last five weeks ue to the hazadous nature of that particular area which clearly shows how unwise it would be to increase the capacity of 300 cars using the development.

10) There is no pressure for new housing in Boreham over and above the local development plan particularly as there is a new development of over 4500 houses being built within a mile of the defined settlement of Boreham.




To celebrate the opening of the new play equipment in Chase Field, and to thank them for taking part in the consultation, all children at Boreham Primary School and those that attend any of the uniformed groups, have been given a yoyo from Boreham Parish Council - no batteries or chargers required!



Essex Best Kept Village - Merit Award

RCCE Best Kept Churchyard Competition 2015 - Highly commended


Both of these awards are highly prestigious and thanks goes to everyone that helped make this possible.


New Play Equipment at Chase Field, Boreham

The original play area has seen a lot of use since it was installed back in 1992 and it was time for the Parish Council to look at refreshing and refurbishing it. 

The play area still retains its popular skateboard equipment and two springies and, with the introduction of exciting new play equipment from Park Leisure, it provides a fun, all inclusive and stimulating play environment for children of all ages.

The opening ceremony will be at 10.00 am at Chase Field, The Chase, Boreham on Monday 13th July 2015.  There will be short speeches followed by “cutting the ribbon” by Deputy Mayor of Chelmsford, Councillor Philip Wilson, the Vice Chairman of Essex County Council, Councillor John Aldridge and children from the School Council of Boreham Primary School.

Councillor John Galley, Chairman of Boreham Parish Council said “this is a perfect example of a parish council working with the local community - the children were fully involved; we took on board their suggestions and as a result the original plan was changed to include a slide and a fully inclusive wave swing.  It is a great achievement by all concerned and we now have a play area which will give pleasure to many for years to come’.


The Boreham Parish Footpaths map is now available at the Parish Office, or you can download a pdf copy of the leaflet by clicking on the link below. 

Further information is available on the Footpaths section of this website.





The village and the wider parish of Boreham covers an area of about 1,554 hectares (3,840 acres) and has a population of approximately 4,000 people.




Outline planning application for development for demolition of existing buildings (10 & 12 Plantation Road) and residential development of up to 145 residential dwellings, open space, landscaping, associated infrastructure including means of access. Land East of Plantation Road, Boreham

Update: May 2015

Application Ref: 14/01552/OUT

This application has been refused.

The Parish Council wish to thank everyone who fought this unauthorised and unsustainable application.This shows again how this village fights for what is right.


Outline planning application for development of up to 200 homes and creation of new publicly accessible open space on land South East of the Lion Inn, Main Road, Boreham.

Update: February 2015

Application Ref: 14/00826/OUT

Appeal Ref: APP/W1525/W/14/3001771

An appeal has been made to the Planning Inspectorate in respect of the above site.  The appeal follows the refusal of planning permission by Chelmsford City Council for the proposed development.  You can view the appeal documents on line at: www.chelmsford.gov.uk/planningonline.  Any comments you may wish to make concerning this appeal can be made on line by going to www.planningportal.gov.uk/pcs and clicking on 'Comment on an appeal online'.


October 2014 

The Parish Council was delighted that Chelmsford City Council refused the above planning application. It was extremely pleasing to see the village come together to fight this development; 139 people turned up at the City Council Planning Meeting when the application was discussed, 137 of which were from the village, and a number of people spoke – quite a daunting task if you have never done this before – and everyone conducted themselves in an excellent manner. Our thanks go to the Conservation Society for organising the excellent public meeting to discuss this, and the other planning issues affecting our village. It shows what a village can achieve when everyone works together. The applicant now has a period of 3 months in which it can appeal. Thank you to everyone for their efforts.

Watch this space for updates.